Viridian City GymEarth Badge
Viridian Gym
Viridian Gym Battlefield
Location: Virdian City, Kanto Region
Leader: Gallantmon
Gym Motto: To be the best, you must beat the rest
Requirements: Have 7 Kanto before challenging
Pokemon Types: Various
Battle Style: Triple

The Viridian City Gym is the Final Gym in the Kanto League. Trainers must battle Gallantmon in order to recieve the Earth Badge. This Gym does not specailize in one type and is the 1st gym in the Kanto Region to utilize the Triple Battle style battling system.


Picture Details

Blast Burn, Heat Wave, Inferno, Flamethrower

Gmeg Moves:
Frenzy Plant, Energy Ball, Earthquake, Leaf Storm
Gswamp Moves:
Hydro Canon, Muddy Water, Avalanche, Scald
Gzoroa Moves:
Night Daze, Foul Play, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse
Ggal Moves:
Electro Ball, Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, X-Scissor
Gdrag Moves:
Aerial Ace, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Hurricane


Date Trainer Pokemon Final Score

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