Welcome to the Registered Pokemon Trainer site.

On this page you will find information about the pokemon trainers out there fighting for glory, you will also find information about what pokemons they use and how far they have come.

You can also apply for registration in the comments down below!


To get accepted as a Pokemon Trainer here on Poke-World you need to have:

  1. Created a page with your character
  2. Chosen and created a page about your Starter Pokemons. Note that personal pokemons that DOESN'T have your name in the pagename will be deleted by admins. Example: Bulbasaur (Trainerman)
  3. Apply in the comments below with a link to both your character page and personal pokemon

Applicants that fail to meet these requirements will have their application denied and cannot participate in Roleplay battles, Gym challenges and so on until the errors are corrected.

Registered TrainersEdit

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