You can apply for a gym leader position here, just leave a comment. But you can only choose the Gym type only!

Kanto GymsEdit

Gyms: Leader: Type: Badge:
Pewter Gym ??? Rock Boulder Badge
Cerulean Gym ??? Water Cascade Badge
Vermilion Gym ??? Electric Thunder Badge
Celadon Gym ??? Grass Rainbow Badge
Fuchsia Gym Poison Soul Badge
Saffron Gym ??? Psychic Marsh Badge
Cinnabar gym Oishij Fire Volcano Badge
Viridian Gym Gallantmon Various Earth Badge

Johto GymsEdit

Gym: Leader: Type: Badge:
Violet Gym ??? Flying Zephyr Badge
Azalea Gym ??? Bug Hive Badge
Goldenrod Gym ??? Normal Plain Badge
Ecruteak Gym ??? Ghost Fog Badge
Cianwood Gym ??? Fighting Storm Badge
Olivine Gym ??? Steel Mineral Badge
Mahogany Gym ??? Ice Glacier Badge
Blackthorn Gym ??? Dragon Rising Badge

Hoenn GymsEdit

Gym: Leader: Type: Badge:
Rustboro Gym ??? Rock Stone Badge
Dewford Gym ??? Fighting Knuckle Badge
Mauville Gym ??? Electric Dynamo Badge
Lavaridge Gym ??? Fire Heat Badge
Petalburg Gym ??? Normal Balance Badge
Fortree Gym ??? Flying Feather Badge
Mossdeep Gym ??? Psychic Mind Badge
Sootopolis Gym ??? Water Rain Badge

Sinnoh GymsEdit

Gym: Leader: Type: Badge:
Oreburgh Gym ??? Rock Coal Badge
Eterna Gym ??? Grass Forest Badge
Veilstone Gym ??? Fighting Cobble Badge
Pastoria Gym ??? Water Fen Badge
Hearthome Gym ??? Psychic Relic Badge
Canalava Gym ??? Steel Mine Badge
Snowpoint Gym ??? Ice Icicle Badge
Sunnyshore Gym ??? Electric Beacon Badge

Unova GymsEdit

Gym: Leader: Type: Badge:
Striaton Gym ??? Fire/Water/Grass Trio Badge
Narcrene Gym ??? Normal Basic Badge
Castelia Gym ??? Bug Insect Badge
Nimbasa Gym ??? Electric Bolt Badge
Driftveil Gym ??? Ground Quake Badge
Mistralton Gym Titi Flying Jet Badge
Icirrus Gym ??? Ice Freeze Badge
Opelucid Gym ??? Dragon Legend Badge

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