Charmander is the Starter Pokémon of the rookie trainer Desboy96.

Des' Charmander
Desboy's Charmander
Pokémon Information
Type(s): Fire
Gender: Male
Trainer: Desboy96
Evolves into: Charmeleon



Charmander is a bold, fired up Pokémon with the will to fight on! He is as enthusiastic as his Trainer. Charmander always fights and never backs down, he could be quite hastey though and very arrogant just like his trainer but the two are the perfect match because they are just like eachother they also tend to over do it.



Special MoveEdit

Moves UsedEdit


  • HP: 39
  • Attack: 52
  • Defense: 43
  • Sp.Def: 50
  • Sp.Atk: 60
  • Speed: 65

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